In Harms Way Testo

Testo In Harms Way

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Where did you go?So far awayIt seems like everybody tried to tell you everythingAnd who are you?Who are they?Seems like everybody wants to give themselves awayThree days oldAnwaySo you're tired and the inspiration's gone awayWhere are you?In harm's waySeems like everything is brokenAnd it feels like I might breakOn this ordinary dayWhy do we need to change?When we were perfect yesterday?Having trouble comprehendingI was sure that I was who I thought I wasAnd if you want the truthThen I blame themI blame you and I blame myselfIn all this pomp and circumstanceI failed to see that I had missed my chanceWithout a word to sayI waitedAs you turned and walked away

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