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Testo Just Like You Said

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
and now that all is said and done it's kind of hard to hold my tongue because you still don't believe you're wrong i'm not so sure what i would say if i could talk to you that way you wouldn't understand i was foolish from the start i've tried not to fall apart it's just like you said but everything is somehow different i've tried hard not to admit that there was some truth to it it's just like you said but everything is somehow different have you ever imagined what you think? the way your circumstance would be? and fixed a picture in your head i guess you've thought of everything i'm sure you know much more than me at least that's what you think it shouldn't have to make you wonder i thought you knew it all along how i was innocent and pure and you were smug and so demure when you predicted i would fall

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