Trial And Error Testo

Testo Trial And Error

So many things are still unsettled in your mind
You just sit around as if you're waiting for a sign
You can't live up to your potential but still you try
And everything you've reached so far will not satisfy
Cause you are who you are

You tell me every day that you're gonna see the world
Still you are right here since the day you were born
You could learn a lot from these choices in your life
But sad enough you will find a way to justify
Every single lie
Cause you are who you are

No promise kept
No guilt repaired
Your shame will enhance
No truth has been shared
Cause you don't care
As long as you win

Will you ever break the circle?
Will you Figure out
how you can change it
And rearrange it
And turn it all around

You will learn by trial and error
As long as you believe
That you can take it
You can make it
You can be

Cause you are who you are
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