Worth To Wait Testo

Testo Worth To Wait

50.000 ways to make another one of your mistakes tearing down what we build up tell me when it's gonna... stop the time that we let pass for reasons we can't understand maybe it's a little late but I think it is worth the... wait, stop listen please this is not a little breeze it's a storm that we are in this is making my head... spin around, around again make ourselves a brand new plan saving this companionship try to get a grip close your eyes turn your head walk away don't look back close your eyes turn your head stop this game don't look back pouring out the wine we kept for occasions such as this swallowing it all for you I think I had a glass to... many thoughts have slipped my mind can I tell you one more time I am loosing faith in you without a doubt without a... clueless, mindless, thoughtless moves I don't know which path to choose it's hard but we have to admit that we have to quit it's gone too far this is too hard we're driving each other in a corner we are drowning ourselves so just let me go

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