Horizons Of Chaos III: Hypocrisy Testo

Testo Horizons Of Chaos III: Hypocrisy

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
On the helm of a false entity
The faithful standing firmly
Betrayed of the worthy
patrons of Demoralization
desregarding justice
Corrupting minds of the innocent
Socity bows to the throne
Unaware of what the siren beholds
Fools suffer
Horizons of chaos
The solstice of annihilation
The break of daylight is their last for all eternity
A scared blood will spill
She'll bask in their ashes
A sacred blood will spill
She'll Bbask in their scorching ashes
Bow down to your God, reaper of your soul
Look into her eyes, see the white light
hand upon his head, look up at your queen
Never again
Try and take her throne
Now she'll take your life
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