This Hourglass Testo

Testo This Hourglass

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Nothing left to lose,
nothing left to say
when your big break's getting away
give me anything to love
anything to do or i'll be no different than you

well if you want it, you take it
they'll never ever give it to you

Looking for something to take me away
running out of time and all i want is to burn this hourglass
Looking for something i needed today
losing my mind and all i need is to smash this hourglass

Something's got to give
someone's got to live
but my future's dark as the night
can anybody see how hard it can be
when your switch wont turn on the light

i stared right into the sun today
just to feel my naked eyes burn
but no matter how much i may tell myself
it seems that i never will learn

Nothing left to lose
nothing left to say
everything to gain...
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