Slip Of The Lip Testo

Testo Slip Of The Lip

Tonight I'm freezing inside
Looking up at you floating afar
Let's go back to the shore over there
The sky painted in deep black
At the end of today
I become unbound burning empty feelings
Don't be stuck on just one idea
Take your mind off of the past

A lie and a lie and a lie
And a slip and a slip and a slip of the lip

Don't you remember you've broken my heart ?
We've come to the end so let's go to the start

Rain wipes off your dry tears
Just try to find something
I'm lost so far and I can't hold my breath
Take it all away

This is where I belong even if I can't find it
So can I creep inside you ?
And take it to heart when I say

This is where I belong even if I can't find it
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