What's Mine Testo

Testo What's Mine

Verse 1: I?m About To Holla Holla Like Ja Rule, But Check This, Ya Girl I Gotter Gotter In My Room, Ready To Strip Down To Them Skin Tights, Cuz Tonight?s My Night, And It?s Gon Be Right, If You Got A Problem, We Can Meet On My Block And We Can Fight, You Can Never Catch Me Without The Heat, I?m Always With My Niggas, And We Always Deep, We Straight Run These Streets, I?m A Pretty Thug, I Know You Never Seen A Pretty Thug Bust They Slugs, We?ll Know You Know, If You Ain?t Come To Beef You Gotta Go, I Straight Beat Ya Ass And Then Fuck Ya Hoe, I?m Like Jagged Edge I Keeps My Promise, If You Keep Playing Around, You Gon Be The One Everyone Is Gon Miss, When I Spray I?m Gon Make Sure I Don?t Miss, The Least My Bullets Can Do, Is Mainly Graze You, Ain?t No One In This World That Can Save You. 2x> The Blocks Is Mine The Rocks Is Mine The Streets Is Mine Now Guess What It?s My Time To Shine Verse 2: I?m New To This Game, But The Game Never Changed, And Everyone I Heard Flow Is Still The Same, Memphis Bleek Might He?s The Coming Of The Age, But I Took That Spot, I?m A Yung Nigga Flowing And Soon To Be On Stage, I Rock All Colors Except For Pink Purple And Badge, I Straight Hate Them Stupid Niggas That Carry A Badge, Fuck All The Haters, I?m Down With The Playas, Fucking With Me You?ll Find Ya Body Buried Under Six Layers, You Should Check My Record, I Got A Bad Behavior, I Don?t Care Who Out Here, You Gon Need A Life Saver, I?m That Next Nigga To Hit You In Your Chest Keep Fooling Around You Gon Catch 10 In Your Vest, So Stop The Talk And Calm Down, Before I Put Your Stupid Ass To Rest, I Flow The Hot Lines, Tear Down All The Big Vines, Stay?s With My Nine, Talking Shit Is Gon Get Ya Chest Left Behind. 2x> The Blocks Is Mine The Rocks Is Mine The Streets Is Mine Now Guess What It?s My Time To Shine

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