Why... Testo

Testo Why...

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Everything doesn't go well, as I'd hope
Walking along the broken glass with bare feet
We will get tired, if we turn around whenever, we stop to resist
You must not want anything

I'm so simple, why can't you understand me?
It's easy 'cause you construct the shape of my words
Into forms, into words, I love you

Shut the door you opened,
because I do not chase fools you say, I will walk to the station
Smoke rises to the sky after the rain
The cry of respect wraps around my head

When the second hand makes a move, let me forget everything

However far you are
Don't show me your tears
Believing in only me
Sadness is separation
However far you are
Don't show me your tears
Believing in only me
Loneliness is meeting
Sadness is separation

I believe I found the way to go another day
And knew I was looking at the future
Nothing was on the way
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