Friday Night Binge Testo

Testo Friday Night Binge

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
It's a huge shit sandwich

And we're all gonna have to take a bite

If I could mix your tears with burnt herb

I'd inhale your pain

If I could erase these years of misspent words

I'd write again

A love letter to ceaseless stormy weather

To the knot around arms thatís doomed to sever

And the glue that holds these pages together

Sucked from the soles of empty milk containers

With my senses detained I feel saner

Fuel the cursive from the pen to paper

Overdosed on a sigh

And I'm saying goodbye

Where do drugs go to die?

When there's no rights to wrong

When your friends have gone

A needle playing the same song

Bled you too long

And now every one light I see - is sunset orange

And the exit door is stuck with a rusted hinge

Looking for a soul contained within a syringe

Eyelids awake

With that friday night binge
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