Summersweet Testo

Testo Summersweet

Verse 1:
I saw you staring at me, from the back of the room
And you were dancing but you saw me staring back at you too.
and I was watching you watching me, watch you.
And you were leading me on, with the way you moved.
And i knew just what to do.

So we danced all night, and you held so tight.
And it felt so right, under the spotlight.
And it wasnt too soon, til I was in your room.
And you felt so smooth, with the way you move.
And you said, \"dont you want me?\"
and we kissed, and i felt your heartbeat.
When we touched, between your bedsheets.
In the summer heat, Oh summer's sweet.

Verse 2:
I didnt want you to leave, but I had places to be.
And I kept dreaming of the only girl I wanted to see.
I couldnt help but think of what she, told me.
The minutes turned into hours, days turned to weeks.
I just couldnt wait to see.


You held me oh so tight,
as we had said goodnight.
Kiss me with all your might,
and make my heart ignite.

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