What We Do Testo

Testo What We Do

Verse 1:
Do you? (Feel at home)
When youre out (On the road)
I dont (Feel at home, when youre gone)
Do you? (Understand)
That im not (Worried about holding hands)
But I like (Holding hands with you)

So take a chance, take a chance now baby.
Cause ive been feeling like you want me lately.
Do a little bit of dancing maybe,
with me. Or kiss me, woah woah.

Jenny dances, with her hips held tight and her lips sealed quiet,
taking chances cause it feels so right but her man wont buy it.

Verse 2:
Does he? (Sit at home)
Thinking (Youre all alone)
I dont (think he knows, where you go)
When he (calls your phone)
Does he know? (That I am your ringtone?)
Oh baby if only he knew,
What we do



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