Help Yourself Testo

Testo Help Yourself

For goodness sake! We need a break
from all the things that make us make our own mistakes.
Stifle the hurt and this low down feeling
because I'm the bane of whatever this may be.
There's always something that brings it back to me,
a wave that takes me under, so watch me slip away.
there's always something that shakes my self belief,
but if I'm too blind to see you can put the blame on me.
Our time is nearly over.

You'll get it soon enough,
chances are often there to seize
but I don't think you remember.
I hope that you remember.
Did I neglect to mention
that your chance is wasted now on me?
I don't think you remember,
I hope that you remember.

Take your chances well, before they are gone.

So, is it right to feel uptight about the little things in life?
If there's one thing that I came with it's precious little time.
I tried to make my choices with the though of you in mind.
But if something good comes your way don't think twice
because I think you'll get it if you bide your time.

Every minute is a minute not to waste.

I cant help you, see what's around you,
the ties that bind you or what's inside you.
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