When Words Run Out Testo

Testo When Words Run Out

You gave me something that had no use,
all the empty words and thoughts I somehow still cling to.
Will you bear witness now to the scars you're opening and left by you?
So, is your life one big excuse?
Are the seeds you've sewn the one thing keeping you from the truth?
A wise man learns from mistakes that others have made,
a fool betrays his own blood.
The truth is, you never saw it coming did you, no?
Watch my patience, watch my trust run out.
You can't stop the hurt from all the people you love.
This broken tissue leaves not a bruise
for the truth cuts much deeper than a blade sharpened by your news.
The hands of time have stolen every bit of my youth
so tell me, what's left for me to abuse?
When I get my thoughts together
I'll find all the words to tell you not to come around again.
When words run out, you can't stop the hurt from all the people you love.
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