A Battle Hymn For Children Testo

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Testo A Battle Hymn For Children

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Teacher, bring me to heaven
Or leave me alone
Why make me work so hard when you know I work slow?
Don't make us watch you spray more powder on the walls.
Show us a laser, take us to space, or let us go.
We've got violent games on pause at home

You've seen this haste take shape
Don't hide those guilty eyes
You gave us guns for toys
We trained with crosshair scope
That in the name of peace we make war

Sergeant, I don't remember
How you said to kill with guilt
I'm haunted by families grieving
Even soldiers kids.
Is it God against God, and the pawns are people?
If they're both the same God, then the battle's over

Preacher, am I gonna make it?
Am I going up?
Am I forgiven for the humans I dropped?
It's not like a game once the guilt piles up
If I knew what I know now,
It's easy to say I wouldn't go
At violent games on pause at home

You know how hate takes shape
Don't hide those guilty eyes
You gave us guns for toys
Imposed beliefs, then pride

We were taught that God prefers the USA
Just like the billboard sign that says "God's Country"
If it's true that God roots for the USA,
Then every bomb we drop in God's name
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