As The Doctor Talks Testo

Testo As The Doctor Talks

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
All the doctors talk
Of all the doctor trouble
All the time payed off
But there's a night to remember
When the quarters stopped
Diving in the cup
Doctor back to work stumbling through the hall
He made it to a room
A lady old and calloused
Is staring back at him
He doesn't think that she notices
As the doctor talks
His slurring causes trouble
They breath a bit of breath
Once the surgery's over
Hey Daniel Eckerson
Where's your sadness?
Your apathy has mothers crying
But it's nothing until it comes to a court
Who finds a hole in the defense
He stays when they cannot prove beyond a doubt
A word of what was said
And the doctor choked
His hearing started Monday
All his time ran out
Since the media ran it
Hey Daniel Eckerson
Where's your sadness?
Your apathy has left a knife in her gut
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