Syntax Lies Testo

Testo Syntax Lies

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Understand, I don't care if I meet you
And you don't care if we meet
It's just conversation
We're not so compatible
But at least we know
And we don't care
Syntax lies
No difference in art and life
Just what we say
And the order the words go
It's time, we've deeded an aggravist
One that wouldn't make us laugh
And has severed how we used to speak
Concepts of language around his waist
But more dimensionally versed
He has severed how we used to speak
Call it backwards
"More slowly" (please)
They mistook it for religion
But the truth unfolds
We de-vo without knowing
Same language equals same story
The new version is confusing
Sharp tongue
Glass blood
Grammar, it's comedic
We're corrected
We need a stoplight division
To the next calendar . . . year
I understand it's just conversation
But it eliminates how I really feel
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