Dance Of The Manatee Testo

Testo Dance Of The Manatee

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Take a little dive into the shallow or spy what do you see?
I see the tortoise and the hare in a rat-race and it fits like a glove under my sleeve, just wait till then.
Their heads are the heaviest in operation,
he has still not lost imagination.
I can hear him mouth the whole ending -
just wait till then.

We marys had ourselves a ball.
Oh, yes we did.
We marys had ourselves a ball,
I must admit--

Hang us those limbs hold no virtue.
Those told to hold: project on my cue.

Whether a he or a she, put your mouth where your money is.
Are the birds of a feather that clever?
If I knew I'd keep locks, that's a given, just wait till then.
Their heads cast shadows like skyscrapers.
Small enough to feed off the lesses to put it all into perspective with definition.

Oh, take a gander the bigger they are the harder they fall.

Not needy you'll see, not needy
and I come with open arms over trees.
Not needy you'll see .

Listen to my proven guarantees while you're rolling up your sleeves,
beatin' on the chest.
But we can keep it in a jar when it's comin' cats and dogs for days.
Do you hear the concrete guarantees?
And what they've done for you they've done for me
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