Every Time I Throw Coins In The Fountain, I (...) Testo

Testo Every Time I Throw Coins In The Fountain, I (...)

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Every Time I Throw Coins In The Fountain, I Secretly Wish You Were Dead I woke up in pieces, because of you and the things you do And every song I write, they all sound the same and your to blame So I'll take a holiday, from hating you, and you won't even exist Your off my list of people that I give a shit about and I'm all out of words to say You're a part of yesterday and yesterday is gone so I moved on So I'll pretend that your dead, nothing left to be said except a eulogy which read: You were a shitty friend and in the end I'm better off without you I can't think of one good thing that came about from knowing you So I'll lay flowers on your imaginary grave and never speak your name, while your memory rots and fades

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