Chinese New Year Testo

Testo Chinese New Year

Saturdays go by so much quicker than the time when my dreams were gold,
theres nothing else to do,
I lay on my back,
watch the sky,
slowly turn the page

All those times I wait,
theres nothing that I wouldn't do,
but I can't help you,
I'm making up my mind,
I gunna move on,
watch my life slowly turn the page,
and theres nothing that wouldn't rather do,
I know I care,
and I can't get by,
and I trust,
that I won't cave in,
when my time is up,
I'll go

...and I can't breathe, and I can't breathe, and I can't breathe anymore(x4)

and I trust,
that I won't cave in,
and when my time is served,
I'll go

and there's nothing that I wouldn't rather do,
than to stay here,
and let it pass by
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