Motion Sickness Testo

Testo Motion Sickness

Ever feel like there's so much more to life But you just have no clue how to reach it right now? Sick of all the talk between friends All the things that offend Desire everything to be set straight but we can't go back in time Please don't leave without saying goodbye to me It's only me running after you 'cause you're everything I need Sour spirit mixed with the autumn disposition Never looking out farther than my own room I tell myself I'll forget you. I know that's not true I just hate to be around when things break down between us And all the times we spent together. All the nights we screamed. I cant remember what its like to feel alright. I can't let go of what's killing me. So this is my apology to you. I hope you know I love you. Lets put back together the world we built between us. I'm sorry

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