As Soon As I Get Home Testo

Testo As Soon As I Get Home

Your love is wonderful, yeahAnd I don't want to loose you So babySoon as I get home, I'll make it up to youBaby I'll do what I gotta do Sleepless nights, and lonely daysAre all that fill my headAll of the time, oh baby, but all I doIs think about the way you make me feelCuz baby this love is so real If I try, to spend some time with youTo make you happy, would you feel betterAnd if I could, with you I would be forever Forever in love sooooooMaking love all through the nightWe hold each other tightI can take away the pain, If you would only let meJust forget about the pastCuz I want to make it last, Baby I apologizeCuz boy, I really need you in my life Chorus: Soon as I get home (when I get home)I'll make it up to you (I'm gonna make it)Baby I'll do what I gotta doSoon as I get home (oh yeah yeah)I'll make it up to you (make it up to you)Baby I'll do what I gotta do Baby if you give me just another chance (oh baby)I can show you love (more love)Promise I'll be true to you(you don't ever have to worry)You don't ever have to worry (no, no, no)Cuz I'm gonna treat you right (baby I miss you)Baby I miss you just want to kiss youHold you in my arms Soon as I get home (soon as , yeah)baby I know what I gotta docuz I don't need no one but you (I know what I need)

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