Alone In This World Testo

Testo Alone In This World

It's over nowI can't competeI don't know how I'm still standing on my feetSo turned aroundAnd incompleteI'm not that happy woman that I used to be1 - Oh, please tell meWhat did you meanWhen you said that you were mineYou knew that was a lieBut in your heartYou know the truth And I'm trying to forgetAll the things you put me throughOh, baby2 - I never thought you'd turn your backAnd walk away from love like thatWhile I was holding on to youAll you did was let me goI never thought I would regretThe way I felt when we first metAnd now I'm standing hereAlone in this world, aloneIt's over now, we can't go onIn my eyes I thought that you could do no wrongIt's no surprise we're both aloneBecause of you my heart's singing a sad songRepeat 1Repeat 2I can't believe our love is over nowWhere did love goAnd why did I believe That we would be together foreverNow it's all unclear with meRepeat 2Repeat 2 and 1 simultaneouslyRepeat 2

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