Alone In This World Testo

Testo Alone In This World

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
It's over nowI can't competeI don't know how I'm still standing on my feetSo turned aroundAnd incompleteI'm not that happy woman that I used to be1 - Oh, please tell meWhat did you meanWhen you said that you were mineYou knew that was a lieBut in your heartYou know the truth And I'm trying to forgetAll the things you put me throughOh, baby2 - I never thought you'd turn your backAnd walk away from love like thatWhile I was holding on to youAll you did was let me goI never thought I would regretThe way I felt when we first metAnd now I'm standing hereAlone in this world, aloneIt's over now, we can't go onIn my eyes I thought that you could do no wrongIt's no surprise we're both aloneBecause of you my heart's singing a sad songRepeat 1Repeat 2I can't believe our love is over nowWhere did love goAnd why did I believe That we would be together foreverNow it's all unclear with meRepeat 2Repeat 2 and 1 simultaneouslyRepeat 2

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