I've Got This Friend Testo

Testo I've Got This Friend

I've got this friend who is lonely
She's afrair she'll never find her one and only
A little shy but she can be fun
If the right guy came along
Would you know someone?

I've got this friend and it sounds crazy
But he's been feeling that way too a whole lot lately
And interested, oh I'm sure he'd be
I can almost speak for him
He's that close to me

Maybe in each other
They might find a lover
They've been missin' until now
They'd trust the judgement of
Two friends like us who care so much
Can we get them together...somehow

I've got this friend
Yeah, I think I know her
My arms can almost feel the way he'd hold her
It's like he's here when you describe him
And if he's anything like you I'm sure she'd like him

This is not about trying to go back in time
This is not about where I'll be a year down the line
It's just moment to moment, surviving somehow
This is not about then, this is just about now

Can we get them together...I've got this friend
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