The Lucky One Testo

Testo The Lucky One

1st Verse

(It's) so hot outside all I can wear
Is these cutoff overalls
And sandals on my feet
But I empty my pockets for a bus ticket
Just so I could sit there on a broken seat
I got no place I should go
I got no worries you know
2nd or 7th Street
It doesn't matter to me


'Cause you're mine
That's all I need to know
The sun shines
Everywhere we go
It's so right
'Cause I got you to hold every night
Yeah, I'm the lucky one (I'm the lucky one)
I'm the lucky one (I'm the lucky one)
(Yeah, I'm the lucky one) (I'm the lucky one)
(I'm the lucky one)

2nd Verse

Well, I pulled back down to my upstreet apartment
The air never works in that old place
At twenty seven I thought I'd be further along
Than just this rented space
I got no papers to read
I got no cable TV, no
'Cause I got no places to be
I got no people to meet

(Repeat Chorus)


I'm on a roll
When I'm with you
Don't stop me now
I just can't lose

(Chorus Out)
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