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Testo Surprise!you're Dead!

Tiziano Ferro: "Lo Stadio" è il nuovo singolo
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Surprise!You're dead!Ha ha!Open your eyesSee the world as it used to bewhen you used to be in itWhen you were alive and when you were in loveAnd when I took it from you!It's not over yetYou don't remember?I won't let you forgetThe hatred I bestowedUpon your neck with a fatal blowFrom my teeth and my tongueI've drank and swallowed,but it's just begunNow you're mineI'll keep killing you until the end of timeSurprise!You'red ead!Guess what?It never ends...The pain,the torment and torture,profanityNausea,suffering,perversion,calamityYou can't get away

Scarica la suoneria di Surprise!you're Dead!!
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