Take This Bottle Testo

Testo Take This Bottle

Laura Pausini nuovo giudice del talent show La Banda
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I can wait to love in heaven
I can wait for you
Far away, I'll treat you better
Better than down here

Cuz I've done wrong
And I'm a little afraid
And I ain't to strong
And this ain't easy to say:

Take this bottle
Take this bottle
And just walk away - the both of you
And let me feel the pain - I've done to you

I can hope we'll be together
With a better roof over our heads
I can hope the stormy weather
It passes on - it passes on

But I've hoped too long
Hoped for me to change
And that hope is gone
So listen to what I say:

Take this bottle

Scarica la suoneria di Take This Bottle!
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