I'm Standing Testo

Testo I'm Standing

I'm standing on His promise,
(every word of God is true),
(what He said, I know He'll do).

There's no weapon that shall prosper,
(my victory's in His name),
(and with joy, I do proclaim).

I won't give up, (for the Lord is on my side),
I won't give up, (and His Word will be my guide).
I won't give up for I know
I'm standing on the promises of God.

For nothing shall separate me from,
from the love of Jesus Christ.
Neither height, nor depth, nor created thing,
shall come between me and my God.


[Vamp 1:]
I'm still standing on the promises of God.
I'm still standing, I'm still.

[Vamp 2:]
I'm still.

[Vamp 1]

[Vamp 2]

I'm still standing.
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