Heartless Testo

Testo Heartless

It was funny at first but now it's, getting old
the way you seem to reappear, when I start moving on
Well I heard you were at some parties, getting high with my friends
Hey baby it's kinda funny, you started smoking weed again

Nowadays I get up, around 8 or 9 'o clock
I've been real productive,
I've been writing songs,
and I've been singing a lot
Now I don't do half the stupid things I did behind your back
In fact since you have been away I've had no use for that

But I've come dangerously close,
to giving it all up
You know you weren't the only one
I didn't pretend to love

Do you
remember when you were away at school and I was still living with my mom
Do you remember the things we'd say to each other, over the phone.
One night you were so drunk that you said you could be with me forever
and I thought I was so cool when I said "My dear that'd be my pleasure"

Well, towards the end there, we really lost our steam
Felt such disconnect from everything, my sleep, I wouldn't dream
But now I don't feel so damn heartless anymore,
cause I feel the passion I didn't believe in before

and I'm so glad I do
still believe in you
You know you weren't the only one
I didn't pretend to love

you always have nothing to say
but it's such a beautiful, blank face
I'd say keep in touch, but I'm sure you won't
make that mistake
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