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Testo Mutt

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
There was a year of my life when everything I said was a lie.
I told her I loved her so, and I told her boyfriend we were
just hanging out.

We spent some time under the cover, hiding from the phone calls
and reasonable doubt. You were mine even more than you were
his, if he calls tell him we're just hanging out.

Well then I started seeing double, I was with her if you were
with him. I thought it would get me into trouble, oh but you
never found out! Alright!

We spent some time in the back seat, hiding from the officers
patrolling the streets. You kept on calling and calling me,
and I kept on kept on not answering.

Oh but you gave me a reason to keep on coming back.
Oh baby keep giving me that reason,
and I'll keep coming back!
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