Avril Kadaver Testo

Testo Avril Kadaver

Morgan confessa: "Ecco perché ho lasciato X Factor"
When I close my eyes, I can't see
Numbing stomach acids, dental rotting decay
It never crossed my mind to see the feeling
Teething, heaven is a good deed away

Oh yeah
Avril Kadaver
Oh yeah

I never trust my senses, fences holding
Bleeding, intervening the pale
When the cold air hits you, it's unanimous
Goosebumps spelling murder in braille

Oh yeah

I see myself in you!
Another joke, I don't love you!

A foot within an inch of my life
I'm inside you

I came into a healthy stool
I feel no shame
No ice, no rain

Freedom from an icy halo
You had to know
Freedom from an icy halo
You had to know
It's done, It's done
It's done, done, done, done, done