Wolf Is The New The Testo

Testo Wolf Is The New The

La classifica delle canzoni più trasmesse
Feeling dirty, feel fucking gross
Need a shower, yeah you need one the most
Dont tell me this is the next stop next to the river bed
Dont tell me stop, you dont need sleep

Filthy and rich
Dirty and old
The dirt is to be sold not to be told

A toxic mess, candy cane vein, filthy, wealthy and overplayed
Knowing all the saturations
Owing all the reparations

Youre so much richer now
Fix up cos youre fucking dirty
Youre so much richer now
Clean up cos youre fucking filthy
Youre so much richer now
Fix up cos youre fucking dirty

Desolving as the puzzle's solving
Evolving back or just revolving

Im sorry that you heard
Im sorry that you know
Love you for your ever shocking allure
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