Data De Groove Testo

Testo Data De Groove

Lyrics: FALCO, Music: Robert Ponger; Published by P.S.-Music/Edition Falkenhorst
Cyberspace has got to be anarchy
a pirate concept
in and out and over me
Create a sequence file
on mapdisk from - gotta call me

Mega-user high extension enter edit go AD DA
Stop stop roger over and go
Syntaxerror crashed on bad block
is it real, is it nothing?
Is it- data overflow.

There's no river too deep
No Mountain too high
Any kind of vision in the air
Kein backspace mehr
Low-tech revolution
formt sich dann
zum Front programm

desto MONO de CHROME
is the Atmo at home
It's got to be the higher the goal
desto schwerer Beruf - SAY!
The deeper the Soul desto

Ich mein: Ich - Mich - Du - Dich - Ich - Mein
Du dein so allein, so allein zu sein
und so weiter
Hin zu wem zu fällst du ab und zu
fällst du, nur zu
sind zu Ende zu ganz auf

Cyperspace is auto-ex-ex
show memorysize of (sex) ....
I guess you know what
Stop stop roger over and go

Syntaxerror crashed on ...

There's no river too deep ...
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