Garbo Testo

Testo Garbo

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Lyrics & Music: Rob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland; Published by Bolland Music
She had exquisite style, she was upper class
she had supernatural grace
A melange of Aphrodite and Venus
combined with an angel's face

She didn't talk to the press
she couldn't care less
She didn't even answer the phone
She said on one occasion, without persuasion
"I wanna be left alone"

From this moment on from dusk till dawn
'till the end of time, I'll be with you
you'll be with me, forever in my mind

It's you I see before me, oh, oh, Garbo
C'est toi que je t'adore, oh, oh, Garbo
A lover's greatest story, oh, oh, Garbo
The say: "Well that's amore!", oh, oh, Garbo (2 times)

People say on the day of victory, no fatigue is felt
Garbo, it's you who has the power
that makes every man's heart melt
They say that when the heart's on fire
sparks fly out of the cage, but beauty is like a good wine,
it tastes sweeter with age

No man can guess in cold blood, what he may do in passion
'cause the things he deplores today are tomorrow's latest fashion
Serving one's own passion is the greatest slavery
but if in wanting you, I become your slave, I intend no bravery

From this moment on ...

It's you I see before me, ... (2 times)
C'est toi que je t'adore, oh, oh, Garbo
A lover's greatest story, oh, oh, Garbo
It's you I see before me, ... (rep till end)
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