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I got up this morning felt so bad Its weird, really feel out of whack I got the urge to call home and I go to the hook and pick up the phone, sayin - Just wanted to say "Hi" to all my friends Calling West-Berlin, where all those roads lead to an end Germany am I getting through ? Somethings up I need to talk to you CHORUS: Hallo Deutschland hört ihr mich ? Via Satelliten hört ihr mich ? Hallo, hallo Deutschland hört ihr mich ? Ist da jemand oder täusch ich mich ? A cup of coffee, cigarette baiting time and Im still hanging on that line Ringing up that girl cant be too soon saying hey, hey wakeup darling its afternoon Got still no answer no reply Gotta give it one last try operator I count on you (overseas operator, may I help you ?) Youre the one to put me through CHORUS Let me know Let me know Hallo Deutschland hört ihr mich (repeat to end)

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