R.L. Burnouts Inc. Testo

Testo R.L. Burnouts Inc.

Slit my throat from ear to ear
and drink my blood like wine
i ain't afraid of living, boy
and i ain't afraid to die
i ain't no goddamn vampire
and i ain't leaking tears
its not about them photographs
or shouting out them beers

i've stood out that corner
and i've waited for that man
i've felt that beat pump through my veins
as the money changed its hands
i've walked these lonely city streets
and i've climbed these purple hills
i've stood itching and waiting
goddamn, i'm waiting still

have you ever felt the sunrise
in twitching, aching arms
or held your black spots in you palm
and squeezed and loved them hard?
my city's so forgiving
but this life, it ain't no living
take me home

you never cry in bottles
you cry when you get home
when you watch your life walk out the door
and you fall asleep alone
i got my shit together
but lord knows where i'm going
take me home
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