Liberation Of The Damned Testo

Testo Liberation Of The Damned

Do you aim to kill us all
And lead us to the slaughter
I am the resistance
I shall hold my tongue
No longer. We are the shadow
Of perseverance. We are the voice
Of those who cannot speak.

Crushing our existence of hope
Eating the ashes of your word
I'm breaking down the wall you'll never
See the fucking end of me.

The liberation of the damned
Let us all rise as one
And stand for what you believe.
Ive been brought to bleed.
And suffocate from the gift of your hand.
I welcome death. Who are you to judge.
The fate of the ones that died for
No cause. Just selfishness. Wear the mask.
Dictate the masses. But lead us not to salvation
But to the apocolypse.

I am the resistance
and Who the fuck are you?

Bring me the fallen angels
So we may rise from the ashes
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