Chapter III: Nostalgic Mannerisms Testo

Testo Chapter III: Nostalgic Mannerisms

Never soon to see, I was a human being
Come on and run like the animals, we're meant to hunt like the cannibals
Never soon to be, the crowd stood to see
Everything is so dark now, everything is so dark NOWWW

Keep the closest one, look into the sun
Can I keep it together now, can I even remember now
Rays shooting down, they imitate the ground
Can you feel them burning now, can you feel them burning NOWWW


In the darkness of your mind, I'll stand by your side
And remove all your fear, I'll eat you alive my dear
But please don't be scared, though you're caught in the snare
Through the cracks and the tares...
A beacon from your stare

Can you guide me home...
Blind as a bat, I cried like a cat, I'm losing all hope
In the darkness I can see things clear
Let me apologize for everything my dear

Don't you think this could be something more
I stay right on to the degree we'll see...

Oh my god I feel so wrong, such a conquer to my soul
Tell my son, tell my daughter "please remember your father"
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