Ghostship Pt. 3 Testo

Testo Ghostship Pt. 3

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
With a black heart undercover, watching you sleep every night.
"I wish you'd watch me too..." We're made for each other!
Honey if you only knew, Every night I'm watching you...

Shut up you're talking to loud for me to not listen.
This operation's gotten old, the face I stole, the gun of
Lost shot through your soul, and all that's left is empty holes.

Mom and Dad can't help you anymore! Get in the car we'll drive far to the end of the shore,
Under the docks, on top of the rocks. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!
Why the fuck are the doors locked!?

Maybe she forgot about our talks, or maybe I'm mistaken,
But I swear to god that she's not getting out of this without some kind of explanation,
Oh I'm straining on your patience!? Maybe scaring you a little!?
Just because I came to visit doesn't mean you have to hide.
I'll be waiting on the side of your house,
With an empty bodybag
AND A LOADED .45!!!!


You're tearing me up, inside my mind.
You walked in front, I ran behind...
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