I Just Got This Symphony Goin' Testo

Testo I Just Got This Symphony Goin'

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
All alone, and now it feels so hopeless.
With the temporary blood that your draw.
Keep in mind when I'm
Trying to hold this together,
Now you're gone and I'm wasting away...

And No, we can't deny it.
Look in my eyes it's you I confide in,
And now that I am trying,
Words I choke back, we can't deny it...

Your eyes, eyes watching me like a camera.
Overexposure to these kind of days.
And the film, was surreal
As the dream was.
Shooting stars and galactic fates.

Wait another day,
For my mind to change,
Con your way out of this,
And make mistakes... I'll stand by this...

Wait another day,
Can't find the words to say,
I know I need to see you and feel you.
These days just aren't
The way they used to be.


Wait! We're whole again...
You were my pride,
But where have you been!?
(Fullforce) Fullforce (Fullforce)!!!
Look up head!!
(Mayday) Mayday (Mayday)!!!
We're already dead...
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