The Vomiting Winter Testo

Testo The Vomiting Winter

Look behind,
Push inside
You'll lose your mind,
Let go just do it.

Blinking lights that float in time,
Flashing signs we are deductive

Call you on the phone,
You know I'm not alone, but
What's exciting about dial tones?
Disconnect the fantasies I have are infinite.

I wanna get you off,
I wanna touch your soul.

Turn your tricks to damn my days.
You were the way.

Tell me how you get down.
I wanna show you things you've never ever seen before.
Bad, bad girl
The things you twirl.
Help me remember forever these nights we spend together.

Told you once before there's locks on all the doors.
Pull the curtain closed then lay you on the floor.
Tonight's the night we make it right,
Tonight's the night we soar.

I'm going to show you things,
You've never seen before

Tell your friends all you can
They can understand
They can see your eyes above me
With that look on your face or your staggering pace.

Now you're begging for...
Now you're begging for me!! [x6]

This is what you get to fake my name.
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