Secrets Testo

Testo Secrets

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Too many secrets that I thought I knew, you say the things you do, sticks to me like glue. So I see demons growing inside you, trying to consume, never leaving your room.
Your building your tomb!
[Chorus:] And you've been, been thinking, that the worlds been hard on you too hard for you to even know, and you've been, been skeeming, got a plan to do away with your world!
You've been planning what to do with you life. Would you live it up? Or cut it with a knife? You owe me something...yet you say it's nothing. But when your gone, know you can't come back!
And when you feel like the worlds on your shoulder...
And when you see you friends getting older... talk to me, cuz i'll never turn my back!
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