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Testo Tissue

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Amber did confess, yet I said I'm not impressed, cuz I'm all alone and depressed (ok). Well I looked in her eyes, and all I saw were lies, and the flies from all the crap she said the other day!
[Chorus:] So Long, So Long, the memories will fade away [x3]
But it's hard that is to break up!
It wasn't a suprise...You think my hurt will subside, when will you realize it will never go away, with the mark that you displayed, the wounds big but that's ok, I know you were wrong, so I wrote this song!
LIES! LIES! Mother Fucken Lies! Try to get away, instead you burn my eyes! I loved you, how could you, through this all away, by saying the things you do, I need to get away! The hurt, it burns, I try to forget the past, you talk about our trust, I knew it would last! The lies, the anger, you playing too rough, but it's hard that is to break up!
You know it's been awhile, You know I miss your smile, I've walked a million miles, but nothing hasn't changed!
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