And Therein Testo

Testo And Therein

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
You know by now the Lord lays hard trails
When you see that man outside in the bucketing rain
You picture it in your cozy home.
You think you've blown a fuse,
Don't know how to react
You don't know where it's at.
And therein lies the difference, and therein.... (x3)
They always say it comes in three and fours
And that it never rains, it just pours...
You think it's your fault
And you curse the moon
You go to the saloon
And therein lies the difference, and therein... (x3)
He turned the water into wine
And he insisted that we eat swine
And that's the sum of it
Why don't you come to grips?
Just take or leave it.
And therein lies the difference, and therein...
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