Chino Testo

Testo Chino

This was an actual account
Of the operational experience
When he thought at first he was going out
In fact, he was going in for it

When do I quit?
Where do I quit?
I need to know
I can't leave this bench alone
To be with my darling
When do I quit?

C.O., can you digress
Self, when it came like the wind
One note, a slide
When do I quit this hell?
When do I quit this hospital?
My darling darling is waiting


The warmth that is inside
Cannot be made
By your own stain's ink
She has lips like Fedde Le Grand

The warmth that is sliding
Cannot be made
When do I quit?
Can I leave this trench alone?

You alright there, kid?

When can I leave this bed alone?
When can I leave this theater alone?
Chino in a suit
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