Copped It Testo

Testo Copped It

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Said I ain't no millionaire
but I spent more money than one ever seen
I'm gonna change that scene one day
it's what you're supposed to say
hey hey hey hey

You can't get far in land of immovable frogs
you can't get far in home of horrible hoax
and you don't last long on a diet of tea and toast

Hey hey hey

and I'm singing the song cause I copped it baby
I steal what I have

Fascist confessions bring detractors
brings dough and attractions
Costello, ideas trenchant borrows
new song benefactor
is the past tomorrow

Sing, sing a song
I'm singing the song cause I copped it baby

Don't last long
there's guns behind you
aura of desperate boot licker
and you can't hang on with a cuff

I'm singing this song cause I copped it baby

Taking out a policy for love and destruction
can't operate with this vexation
say it again, real real gone
I know I've copped but I'm not the only one.

It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it
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