Fall Sound Testo

Testo Fall Sound

Woken up to Fall sound
And you've just split up
With your long-legged rap chick
On Fall sound, this is it
Fall sound!
I've seen POW's less hysterical than you
Only water passes my lips
Only beer passes my throat
The guitars need more Fall sound
No eighties reprobates
Fall sound!
No laptop wankers overground
With Fall sound!
It's a business line not a chat line
Wondering what's up
It's Fall sound!
I have woken up
It's Fall sound!
It's much too late
It's a scream for help that's desperate
But it's tough luck
It's a Fall sound
You try to ingratiate t-t-t-t-to the Fall sound
But you're much t-t-t-t-too late for Fall sound
No fag end blowing your face with Fall sound
No news night for you, baby, with Fall sound

You've just woken up to Fall sound
Fall sound!
F-f-fall sound overground
No news night with Fall sound
F-f-f-Fall sound!
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