Mexican Wax Solvent Testo

Testo Mexican Wax Solvent

This is an extension of George; Mexico
And I tell you this
I tell you this
It is Aqua Rosa
Aqua Rosa
Aqua Rosa

The holy broke
And that hanging thirties ex-pat
Is owned on Quality Street

There goes old Ginio
There goes that Yorkie
There goes old Archibald Yeats


X is the third consonant
They love their government in Mexico
Where are all Britain's lowest prices?

Trimidine is kicking in
And barbiturates are kicking in
I said where are Britain's lowest prices?
I dont make rice with screwdrivers
Or fry chicken with a trowel
Where's the bus depot?
Hand me a wrench or such a object
In this marvelous empire
It is winner of Britain's lowest Empire
And the lowest prices is Mexico

Clicky shoulders make me wince
A twelve-year old doctor
A fresh faced physician
Gives a note based on lies
So I don't have to stand at a door
Staring at old people and mothers

Extra-mentally drawn
Double placard drawn

I know it was my Aqua Rosa
I know it was my Aqua Rosa
I know it was my Aqua Rosa
I know it was my Aqua Rosa

I know it was
Surely again, look
In Mexico
For an obtuse Yeats
And a burnt lip
Just want a yellow limo
I know
Maggie would have
Too strong government to know
Got me in the taxi, man
Always want to mute the infant here
He isn't here
He promised me
I don't make chicken with rice screwdrivers
I don't blind people with a trowel
With some Bistro
Hand me a wrench
On a sloppy seat
And a vegetable on it
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