The Ballard Of J. Drummer Testo

Testo The Ballard Of J. Drummer

In year one-nine-nine-six-o-one
The last numeral was upside down
Johnny Drummer came to the outskirts of town.

People came out & shouted at him
Some people came out & shouted at him
"Say, show us your sticks."
Then they went back to their computer tricks.

He'd hit a town with no life to begin
Where they forgot the facts
Two sticks make up a cross
Why is it always this way?
Why do they always have to say
"Hey, Johnny, get out of the way."

He looked in the mirror & said,
"I am not him."
He stood outside a bar & raised the nerve to go in.

The window hosted at least 45 men
Wondered which one was waiting for him

& the boy at the machine meant him no harm
But to him the boy was staring again at him
The rhythm over in his head again.

Men, boys & girls!
Don't ever follow the path of being hard & tough
When your heart is soft.
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