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Testo Wings

Day by day
The moon gains on me
Day by day
The moon gains on me

Purchased pair of flabby wings
I took to doing some HOVERING
Here is a list of incorrect things

HOVERED mid-air outside a study
An academic kneaded his chin
Sent in the dust of some cheap magazines
His academic rust, could not burn them up

Recruited some gremlins
To get me clear of the airline routes
I paid them off with stuffing from my wings
They had some fun with those cheapo airline snobs

The stuffing loss made me hit a timelock
I ended up in the eighteen sixties
I've been there for one hundred and twenty five years
A small alteration of the past. Can turn time into space

Ended up under Ardwick Bridge
With some veterans from the U.S. Civil War
They were under Irish patronage
We shot dead a stupid sergeant
But I got hit in the crossfire
The lucky hit made me hit a time lock

But, when I got back
The place I made the purchase, no longer exists
I'd erased it under the bridge

Day by day
The moon came towards me
By such things
The moon came towards me

So now I sleep in ditches
And hide away from nosey kids
The wings rot and feather under me
The wings rot and curl right under me
A small alteration of the past
Can turn time into space
Small touches can alter more than a mere decade

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